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Tadeusz Pankiewicz

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During the Nazi occupation, on Second World War, "The Eagle Pharmacy” at the Krakow ghetto was run by a man called Tadeusz Pankiewicz, owner of the pharmacy and the only Polish Christian living at the ghetto. Pankiewicz helped the Jew population of the ghetto providing them food and medicines and helping some others to escape. He described that period of his life in his book "The Pharmacy in the Krakow Ghetto".

The pharmacy was located in the Podgorze district, place where the Nazis confined 17.000 Jews from 1941 and 1943. On March 13th 1943, the Nazis implemented the final liquidation of the ghetto. The Jews to whom the Nazis considerated "healthy" were sent to concentration camps in Plaszow. The rest of the Jews were exterminated.

In 1983 the National Memorial Institute Yad Vashem (in Jerusalem) awarded him the honorary title "Righteous among the Nations" a title awarded to Non Jews who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

In July 2004, the "The historical Museum - The Pharmacy in the Krakow Guetto" was inaugurated by the City of Krakow

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