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Biography of Stanislaw Chowanczak

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Stanislaw Chowanczak was born in Warsaw, Poland, on May 8th. 1925. Son of Jan Daniel and Jadwiga Guze. His pseudonym “Szczeniak” (impudent) was originated by his young age (later on, it was changed for Jan).  He finished High School in clandestinity at the Mikolaj Rej School. In the autumn of 1940 Stanislaw Chowanczak joined the Resistance Movement. He was designated to join the B2 Company, in Mokotow. In the Underground Army he studied in the officer’s school, after that he got military training in his house at Pulawska Street, and in the nearby forest. Some of his activities during the war were spying upon the Gestapo. Together with his comrade-in-arms he supplied provisions to the Warsaw Ghetto.

Estanislao Chowanczak
Estanislao Chowanzak
en uniforme

In August 1st. 1944 at the W -17 hours he was present in the place of appointment. He fought in the Polish Underground Army in the Regiment Baszta in the High Mokotow. He confronted the German tanks with gasoline bottles. He rescued a wounded companion from the territory occupied by the Germans. He was wounded in the attack to a quarter called “Basy” but nevertheless he continued fighting upto the capitulation of Mokotow, which happened on September 27, 1944. He was caught and stayed under arrest in the Center of Detention in Pruszkow, from where he was transferred to the Prisoners Camp Stalag XB in Sambostel. After the liberation by the U.S. Army in 1945, he went to Belgium where he studied Economy. Afterwards he traveled to Argentina. There he established, formed a family and died. His mortal remains lie buried in the Vicente López Cemetery of Argentina.

Estanislao Chowanczak en Mokotow
This is one of the last images of the Warsaw uprising. Mokotow 's defender
are captured. The third man, from left to right, carrying the
polish flag is Stanislaw Chowanczak.

Eugeniuz Ajewski.
Lieutenant Colonel.
Christmas, 2004.

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