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Biography of Stanislaw Chowanczak
Letter sent to Yad Vashem regarding the case of Stanislaw Chowanczak

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Buenos Aires, May 10th 2005

Yad Vashem
Jasidei Umot Haolam
Majleket Jasidei Umot Haolam
POB 3477
Jerusalem 91034

REF: Chowanczak Jan Daniel #13648

Dear Sirs,

My name is Dr. Marcos Resnizky; I am a Polish Argentinean citizen founder of the Polish Heroes Remembrance Center located in Argentina.
I am writing you to ask for your collaboration and assistance regarding the case of MR ANDRES CHOWANCZAK whose grandfather JAN DANIEL CHOWANCZAK, had aided Jews (among other heroic activities he performed during the war) by sheltering them into his buildings.

Mr. Jan Daniel Chowanczak (who belonged to a very well known aristocratic Polish family) was the
owner of various properties in Warsaw and the owner of the company A. CHOWANCZAK & SWIE dedicated to the manufacture of furs (in Street Krakowski Przedmiscie 17, Warsaw).

He sheltered Jews in the basement of his own house at Potochik Palace (nowadays this building belongs to the Ministry of Culture and Art) and also into the buildings of his company (in one of the branches located at Pulawska Street)

A Jewish family named Biegunow found shelter there. (Pleasesee attach the letter written by Polish historian Tadeo Swiatek).

The Chowanczak´s buildings served also as operation centers for the A. K resistance members.
During the war Mr. JAN DANIEL CHOWANCZAK was detained and imprisoned by the Germans and sent to the Buchewald labor camp.  (Please see attach the Red Cross document)

The son of JAN DANIEL CHOWANCZAK (and father of Andres Chowanczak) was STANISLAW CHOWANCZAK.

STANISLAW CH. was a member of the A.K. and he transported supplies to the Warsaw Ghetto; he confronted the Germans tanks with oil bottles; rescued a companion wounded in the fields occupied by Germans. When he was wounded, before the Capitulation of Mokotow, he entered into the channels with his section to get into the town.

He was taken prisoner and sent to Pruskow. Later he was sent to Sambostel from where he managed to escape and joined the Allies Forces. (His action was documented in the video The Warsaw Rising screened on TV by the CNN; in the attach photo he is the one who is carrying the flag)

Our goal is to help the Chowanczak family to compile documentation about both persons in order to submit the documentation to your organization for the naming of Mr. JAN DANIEL CHOWANCZAK and STANISLAW CHOWANCZAK as Righteous among the Nations.

To reach our goal we need some help to locate the Jewish family named BIEGUNOW that found shelter at the CHOWANCZAK`S basement, and to find testimonies of the other Jewish families who received help from JAN DANIEL CHOWANCZAK.

We hope that you could tell us how we can locate the names of the Jewish families and if you have any database where to do this research.

Attach you will find information about The Polish Heroes Remembrance Center in Argentina.
The goal of our Center is to encourage Polish-Jewish dialogue; to combat all kind of discrimination and intolerance whether political, religious or racial and to promote and to foster a better understanding among nations and people. (You can visit our website at www.polish-heroes.org)

Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Marcos Resnizky
Polish Heroes Remembrance Center

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