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Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

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On June 22, 1942 with the beginning of the Operation Barbarrosa, the Nazis decided the massive liquidation of the Jews confined in the Ghettoes of Eastern Europe.

Young Jews organized themselves with the only aim of delaying the massive liquidation and with the intention of annoying the Nazi’s plans. Therefore, sabotage situation and insurrections acts took place at the Warsaw ghetto. Such movements broke out in unexpected ways when the Nazis attempted to enter into the ghettos to implement what they called the “final solution”.

One of the more well-known insurrections happened at the Warsaw Ghetto. Approximately seven hundred young Jews belonging to the Jewish Combatant Organization and headed by Mordejai Anilevicz, (a 24 years old Polish Jew) organized themselves to oppose armed resistance to the Nazis forces.

The young Jews were helped by the local Jewish population of the Ghetto and from outside by a group of Polish resistance fighters. Jews, that were armed only with Molotov bombs, some grenades and a few weapons, took Nazis by surprise on January 18, 1943. The Jews combated the Nazis forces for four weeks.

On February 16th. after a hard resistance offered by the Jews, the Nazi’s and SS high officials decided to destroy and to set on fire the buildings of the ghetto.

On April 19, 1943 during Passover, the Warsaw ghetto that was inhabited by approximately 60.000 Jews was completely annihilated by the Nazis, who used tear gas to get out the combatants from their shelters. Few of them managed to escape through subterranean tunnels.

After these incidents, the Jewish armed resistance of the Warsaw Ghetto ceased their activities on May16, 1943. Tragically, Mordechai Anielevicz, leader of the uprising and the eighty young men who fight with him until the very end, committed suicide to avoid falling in Nazi’s hands

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