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Dear friends,

The Polish Heroes Remembrance Center is a three-language based website (Spanish-Polish-English) dedicated to encourage Polish-Jewish dialogue and is one of the few websites of this kind created in Latin America.

Our Center counts with the volunteer collaboration of men and women from all beliefs that are identified with the following goals:

To combat all kind of discrimination and intolerance whether political, religious or racial.

To promote and to foster a better understanding among nations and people.

To encourage a frank and opened dialogue between Jews and Poles, based on the history of the Polish Jewish relations before W W II.

To cooperate to the reduction of tensions between the two communities and to eliminate old prejudices and stereotypes that might have both, Jews and Poles, of each other.

To highlight the Polish patriotic spirit and the exemplary behaviour of the Polish citizens of all times and from all religions that in hard moments of history such as Communism, Nazism and the struggle for Poland Independence had demonstrated courage and heroism.

We invite you all to send to us your comments and opinions regarding this topic.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Marcos Resnizky

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