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busquedaSection opened to the public to post announcements regarding the search of information about people of Polish origins and / or related investigations. Please send to us your request to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar Your message will be published in our website in Spanish, English and Polish. All responses will be sent to you by e-mail. (Translations from Spanish to English by P.H.R.C.)

From: Andrea Bodzioch

My name is Andrea Bodzioch and I am looking for people with my same last names that could be related to my family. My grandfather was Zenon Bodzioch, captain of war, and married Juana Nejman, who was nurse during the war.
I hope to find any relatives of my family.

Andrea Bodzioch
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From: Pitlewnik family

I am looking for relatives of Janine Pitlewnik who after the war lived in Minsk, Russia. He was in Auschwitz with my father Eme Pitlewnik who died in 1989 in Argentina . My uncle of Polish origins, lived in Russia, after the death of my father I lost contact with him, I know that he was living in Minsk, Byelorussia and that I have cousins but I can’t locate them. I don’t t know if he is still alive. I really appreciate if you can connect me with my family; since I don’t t speak Russian it will be difficult to me to communicate with them.

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From: Roxana Gegdyszman

My father was a survivor, I would like to know if any relative of my father have survived the German massacre. My father was born in Rovno and when he was taken by the Russians to work and fight in their fields at the age of 21 he left his house, leaving behind 60 relatives to whom he never saw again.
He traveled to Argentina looking for his older brother who had emigrated before the war. About the rest of his family he never heard again.
Name of my father (in Polish): Fedia Gegdyszman
Name of my grandfather: Israel
Name of my grandmother: Raquel
Our last name could have been written incorrectly, since some of my relatives are Gekdisman Gedisman or Gedissman.

Roxana Gegdyszman
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From: Julio Szeferblum

I would like to know what happened with the people who lived in the building where I lived before the WW II, located at Leszno Street 41,4th floor, suite 16, Warsaw.
Nowadays I live in Argentina.

Julio Szeferblum
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From: Julio Szeferblum

I need to find the Auschwitz Dictionary which was published at the Medical Magazine (or in Polish Przeglądu Lekarkiego). From that dictionary I need the following letters A  B  F  K  N  Ń  S  Ś  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  Ź. I have the rest of the letters.
The letters A and B of the dictionary were published in the magazine number 1978/1 from page 78 to 80.

Julio Szeferblum
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From: Marcos Resnizky

I am looking for people with last name Epsztejn who had lived in the city of Bocki (100 km south from Bialystok) before the WW II.

Marcos Resnizky
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From: Tadeo Kopitinski

(This message was abbreviated from the original in Spanish)
I am looking for my family origins. I will appreciate your help to fin any of my relatives (if there is any) to start with them a relationship and to reconstruct my family history.

Tadeo Kopitinski
Reply to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar

* Note:Mr. Witold R. Kopytynski in an email addressed to our Center in Jan. 15th 2006, informs that he doesn’t have family relationship with Mr. Tadeo Kopitinski, and that both have different last names with different spellings.
From: Alejandra Foschia

I am looking for my mother’s relatives, last name Pilecki, born in Kortelisa, region of Wolyn, between 1900 and 1910. The only one who could come to Argentina was my grandfather Felipe Pilecki in 1926, and he up to 1939 kept contact with his relatives by post. Checking history I found that two big massacres happened in that region (in 1939 and 1942 at Nazis` hands). I would like to know if you can help me with any other information, since I heard that in that town (which today belongs to Ukraine ) there is a museum.
Alejandra Foschia
Reply to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar

We are looking for testimonies or information about people who during WW II found assistance or shelter in any of the properties of Chowanzak's family located at:
  • A. Chowanczak & Swie, Krakowski Przedmiscie 17; Warsaw (company dedicated to the manufacture of furs)
  • Potochik Palace; Warsaw.

  • Branch of A. Chowanczak & Swie; in Pulawska Street , Warsaw .

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