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busquedaSection opened to the public to post announcements regarding the search of information about people of Polish origins and / or related investigations. Please send to us your request to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar Your message will be published in our website in Spanish, English and Polish. All responses will be sent to you by e-mail. (Translations from Spanish to English by P.H.R.C.)

From: Elizabeth Wisniewski

I would like to know about my roots. My Name is Elisabeth Wisniewski , I am the granddaughter of Juan Wisniewski and Maria Widla, they escaped from Poland in the middle of the world. My grandparent Jan Wisniewski lived in Warsaw and was born in April 18, 1906 . My grandmother Maria Widla was born in March 27 1902 , in Krakow . They are my grandparents from my mother´s line. They had a daughter called Francisca Wisniewski, who was born in July 16 1927 , now she lives in the province of Misiones . They arrived to Argentina in 1930. Thanks. 

Elizabeth Wisniewsk
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From: Criz Evelin Kamecki Gonzalez

Hello, I´m looking for information about the relatives of my grandparents. The name of my grandmother was Marcela Starassewich and my grandfather was Stanislao Kamecki, they escaped from Poland some time before the WW II together with a brother of my grandfather. I would like to know about them, where they came from and if there are still any relative living. in Poland .

Criz Evelin Kamecki Gonzalez
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From: Griselda Elisabet Dabrowski

I am looking for 2 uncles, with possible residence en in New York, New Jersey, they are José Dabrowski and Anthony Eduardo Dabrowski. Sons of Juan Dabrowski and Bargielski (mother’s name). They were brought to USA by an uncle of them, a Franciscan priest, after the death of her mother in 1958. They were born in Misiones, province of Argentina ; they are brothers of my father, who died in 1979. I will appreciate any information to contact them.

Griselda Elisabet Dabrowski
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From: Norvil Montenegro Levy

Hello I need to find the birth certificate of my grandfather, Elias Levi Spruch, he was born in 1907 (aprox.), later he immigrated to Peru , South America .
I look forward to your response.

Norvil Montenegro Levy - USA
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From: Gladys

I would like to know if you have any information regarding my grandfather Eduardo Szlejcher who belonged to the Polish Resistance during WW II and was imprisoned together with her wife and children in concentration camps.

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